The name Webo’s existed long before the actual restaurant did.  Webo’s comes from a combination of the first names of owners Wendell (We) and Bonnie (Bo) Kurtz.  Webo’s BBQ restaurant first opened the doors for business in the Fall of 2011, but the story actually began decades before. Prior to opening Webo’s,  pitmaster Wendell Kurtz, was owner of Kurtz Specialized Systems, a well respected and successful small business offering residential customers home security systems and other low voltage wiring services.

Having always been a fan of BBQ Wendell tinkered with it on the side as a hobby.  As is the case for most pitmasters, Wendell started his BBQ career on the back deck of his home for the enjoyment of his family.  Wendell’s interest grew, and as a member of Asheville Mennonite Church, took over the role of head cook for the churches

Our Story

 twice yearly Smoked Chicken Dinner fundraiser. Over the years he played with a variety of recipes and techniques and his skill, along with the number of requests for his Barbeque, grew.  In addition, Wendell and his Carolina Custom Cooker team entered and won many local barbeque competitions.  

Despite the success of Kurtz Specialized Systems, Wendell found himself unhappy with his career.  In 2011, after much consideration Wendell sold Kurtz Specialized Systems in favor of pursuing his passion for barbeque full time.  Wendell and Bonnie opened the first location of Webo’s BBQ on Swannanoa River Rd. with take-out service only.  In the summer of 2015 after much encouragement from customers and fans, Webo’s moved to a much larger location in the River Ridge Shopping center offering eat-in and take-out service.  Through all the changes two things have remained the same: the absolute top BBQ in Asheville, and friendliest service you could ever hope for.

Come on in and give Webo’s a try.  You won’t regret it!

Suite C8, 800 Fairview Rd, Asheville, NC 28803     (828) 298-1035